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The Sunday Times of Malta of 17 November 2013 publishes a letter from Denise Gallandat-Di Grazia from Arcondiel in Switzerland. The letter which is full of praise for Teatru Astra's recent Otello is being reproduced in full below.

I have been organising trips aimed at opera lovers for more than 10 years, mostly in Italian theatres but also throughout Europe.

This year, for the second time, I decided to take a group to Gozo for a few days in October.

With my group of 30 people from Switzerland, we did not only appreciate the natural beauty of Malta but also attended an exceptional performance of Otello. The scenery, although implemented with simple means, was amazing and the whole performance remained faithful to the original libretto.

We had, moreover, the privilege of meeting art director Enrico Stinchelli, who presented his work for Otello in a very interesting lecture.  We would like to express our admiration and gratitude to all the people we met during our stay in Gozo for their involvement in the world of opera music and the way they shared their passion with us.

There are no words to say thank you for giving us the opportunity to experience such a great musical moment!

I llok forward to coming to Gozo next year with another group.

Denise Gallandat-Di Grazia

Arcondiel, Switzerland