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The La Stella Philharmonic Society, will once again be holding its acclaimed seasonal appointment, presenting its stalwart audiences with some of the most relished symphonic pieces in the classical repertoire; as a closure to this year's 'Festival Mediterranea'.

This year, the La Stella Philharmonic will execute intrepid compositions from the tuneful romanticism, to the 20th century modernist repertoire; offering a well balanced and engaging experience to the ardent connoisseurs, and the keen neophytes alike.

Rossini's overture finale from his ultimate opera; William Tell; aptly called 'March of the Swiss Soldiers', offers one of the most well-known heraldic immortal tunes, often used to accompany countless situations due to its victorious melodic nature. In contrast, the staple overture from Verdi's 'La Forza del Destino', is a show of splendid tragic romanticism at its best.

Another highlight, is Dr John Galea's celebratory 'Fanfare Salute', a 2003 composition, specifically composed to honour his predecessors at the King's Own Philharmonic Society. This was given its Gozo performance by La Stella Band during this year's Independence Day Concert under the direction of the composer himself. These pieces will be accompanied by 'Mediterranea', by local composer Mario Galea; a tuneful piece which has delighted the audiences on its premiere a few years back.

Prof Joseph Vella's 20th century masterpiece 'Malta Rebbieha', will also feature. Holding the role of its director until his demise, this piece was specifically composed for the La Stella Philharmonic, being also arranged for orchestra a few years on. Claiming international success throughout the years, 'Malta Rebbieha' is known for its mix of Romantic melodies, 20th century atonality, as well as for depicting in the most graphic way themes of tragedy, battle, and victory which have characterised Malta's history. Indeed, 'Malta Rebbieha' is considered as a patriotic ambassador of national identity. Another highlight of the evening will be a selection form the opera, Macbeth -€“ an arrangement for the La Stella Band by the late Mro Vella.

A medley of the four most popular musicals which were performed at Astra throughout the years; namely Grease, Evita, Jesus Christ Superstar, and Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat, offers a bit of pop relief from the intricate and onerous repertoire.

This concert, will, for the first time, be under the direction of Mro Dr John Galea, Teatru Astra and La Stella's newly appointed musical director.

The Grand Concert will be held at Teatru Astra, Victoria-Gozo, on Saturday 16th November 2019, at 20.00hrs.

Entrance to this event is free of charge.

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