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The La Stella Band will once again rock the city on June 4th 2022. Gozo's capital, La Stella's home, will proudly host its musicians in the former's main square for the 7th edition of the much-awaited RockAstra, under the fiery direction of the ever-dynamic Sigmund Mifsud.

A solid setlist and an arresting production
After the two-year lapse, the la Stella Philharmonic Society is emerging more vigorous than ever before, presenting a vast repertoire of chart-topping rock pieces adorned by the inescapable cool and strong performance from the top voices of Malta's music scene. The string of successes of the past are a guarantee of the audience's fascination with RockAstra, however, what was prototypical in its genre and remarkable from the outset, can always be reshaped into something even more delightful. Indeed, a spectacular stage production of captivating graphics, enthralling lights, and much more is being prepared.

Gozo's summer breeze awaits
RockAstra will be held at Independence Square, Victoria - Gozo. Entrance is free of charge on a first come first served basis. The concert starts at 9.00pm. Do not miss the country's best! Please follow our social media platforms for more details.

Entrance for this concert is free of charge. RockAstra forms part of the 2022 'Gozo Rocks and Pops Festival' organised by the Ministry for Gozo. The event is also supported by the Victoria Local Council and the Astra's lounge - cafe - bistro.