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Design and Decoration for Ecclesiastical Gozo 1800-1900: Recent important discoveries
Date: 06.11.2015 - 19:00  
Venue: The Conference Hall, Ministry for Gozo, Victoria, Gozo
Price: Free

Mark Sagona

Mark Sagona's recent doctoral thesis in Art History which is in the process of being published, has unearthed extremely precious information on the ecclesiastical decorative arts in nineteenth century Malta, throwing exciting new light on a staggering amount of little-known or completely unknown works in silver, wood carving and embroidery which were produced in important foreign centres like Rome and Milan, Paris and Lyon, but also in Malta.  The most significant works were produced for the more important churches of Valletta and the Harbour area, but a remarkable corpus of works was acquired by the churches of Gozo. Not unsurprisingly, a number of works - among the most important works of art created for Malta in the British period - are now known to have come directly from two of the finest silversmiths active in mid-century Rome, while others were designed by leading local designers and manufacturers.  The lecture analyses the artistic significance of unsung works which enhance Gozo's national and international artistic heritage.

Dr Mark Sagona Ph.D., is a visual artist and art scholar.  He is visiting lecturer in the Department of History of Art, Faculty of Arts, University of Malta, where he coordinates classes on 19th century art and the decorative arts and teaches drawing and painting.  He has nine personal exhibitions to his name; his paintings have been exhibited in Malta, Rome, Brussels and Paris, and has lectured and published extensively in local and international fora.